Yamada Denki's LAB 1 Ikebukuro store where the 3D Systems printers will be offered first.
Big news in Japan, where the country’s largest discount consumer electronics retailer, Yamada Denki, announced last week that it will offer three 3D Systems 3D printer models beginning next month. When you think Yamada Denki, think of something on the order of Best Buy in the United States; the company boasts 700 stores in Japan. While they will begin selling 3D printers in Tokyo only, they plan to expand the offering across the whole country.
Under this agreement Yamada Denki will sell the Cube, Cube X and ProJet 3500. This actually marks the first time that the ProJet will be sold in a consumer environment. In addition, the company plans a number of events around the new offering, including experience 3D printing events and in-store modeling services. Check out the announcement here.
It’s exciting news and just the beginning for 3D printing in the consumer sphere.