Some of you might remember that 3D Systems has been aboard Motorola’s Make with Moto van, which has toured universities and maker fairs around the country this summer with the mission of creatinga new generationofmobile devices. The hard-working employees of 3D Systems’ Morrisville, N.C., office finally got an opportunity to take a look inside when the Velcro-covered van recently stopped by.

Yes, we said Velcro. The van is covered in it, and stuck to the sides are a bunch of felt creations and photographs of people they’ve encountered in their summer-long trip from the west coast to the east. Our employees got a tour of everything inside, and this van is a paradise for makers. It’s filled with 3D Systems’ 3D printers, soldering stations, laser cutters and other gadgets galore. It’s no wonder inventors from around the country were so excited to see this thing pull up.

For more information about the Make with Moto van, check out the website here.