When Ryan Clifford from Pointbim, based in Cardiff, UK, visited London-based artist Jay Jay Burridge, he was happy to try out his scanning expertise on a clay sculpture of a dinosaur that was being created for a local London restaurant. Burridge needed to be able to manufacture the dinosaur at a more lifelike size for the project and was looking to Ryan’s skills to allow that to happen.

(Photo Credit à http://www.pointbim.com/index.php/recent-ongoing-work/item/23-object-scanning)

Using a Leica C10 scanner, the 3d point cloud data was created and imported into Geomagic Studio, by 3D Systems, to be transformed into full 3D surface model data. Using the Wrap command, Ryan easily created the 3D model, which was then ported to other software to be prepared for manufacture.

The dinosaur sculpture was cut from industrial foam on a larger scale for an artist installation in a London restaurant. 

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