Meet the newest member of the Cubify family: Cubify Sculpt. With Cubify Sculpt you can quickly and easily shape your ideas with virtual clay!


 Cubify Sculpt packs a powerful feature set that includes embossing with textures, adding color with paint for full color 3D printing, intuitive push and pull tools to sculpt in virtual clay and accurate symmetry settings for designing organic shapes. The mash up feature lets you import multiple designs to create larger and more complex objects. Cubify Sculpt designs are 3D print-ready for at-home printing.

One of our favorite features is  that Cubify Sculpt accepts STL, OBJ and PLY file formats.  Check out the first few tutorials for a crash course in sculpting with virtual clay.  The Cubify  blog and Facebook page will be sharing tutorials, tips and inspiration files all week. You can learn more here

 Cubfiy Sculpt is available today for $129 or download the 14 day free trial