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3D printing has gotten a lot of attention lately for being a sweet technology, and it’s getting a whole lot sweeter with 3D Systems’ addition of sugar-based 3D printers that adhere layers of sugar with flavored, edible binders that are fully food safe. This capability comes to 3D Systems through the acquisition of The Sugar Lab, a Los Angeles-based start-up using 3D Systems’ Color Jet Printing technology that has been adapted for sugar. The sugar-filled print beds yield beautifully ornate confections that make possible an unimagined world of edible constructions and décor, from sculptural cakes for weddings and events to customizable confections for bake shops, restaurants, and soon, the home!

Digitized food preparation brings technology and design into a truly everyday experience that’s sure to delight. 

You will be seeing a lot more about this delightful technology soon from 3D Systems, but in the meantime, enjoy the photos and read the press release here.