By Roxanne Rives, 3D Systems

It was clear when 2013 began that 3D printing was entering yet another new and very exciting phase. During this past year, a lot of things have happened in the industry: We’re talking new technology, and state-of-the-art products. As we close out this year, we reviewed the most popular stories from the 3D Systems blog - From playing with virtual clay at home or in the office, to the sweetest sensation of 3D printing, we assure you that there is no lack of excitement in this year’s top five 3D printing stories.

5. EuroMold 2013: EuroMold’s 20th annual show had 3D Systems in the limelight this year with crowd-drawing new releases, a 3D printed band, and an appearance of the man behind the technology, Chuck Hull, the founding father of 3D printing. With over a dozen new 3D products introduced, the excitement is just beginning.



4. Sense Scanner Captures Your World in 3D: Traditional photography is so 2012. Take your photography from 2D to 3D with the Sense 3D Scanner. Capture your favorite people and things along with important moments in your life in full color and easily print those models at home on your Cube or CubeX printer, or from the cloud on

3. Introducing Cubify Sculpt: At one time or another in your life you were probably very excited to have a new jar of Play-Doh or were perhaps using the ever famous silly putty to stretch across the living room as a kid. Now that you’ve grown up it’s apparent that your love for modeling in clay hasn’t stopped. This brings us to the number three story of the year, the announcement of Cubify Sculpt - A 3D virtual sculpting software that takes  playing with clay to a new level.



2. We (Heart) Metal 3D Printing: The world is consistently fascinated by all levels of 3D printing, but nothing seems more exciting to those in manufacturing and industrial professions than getting a complete 3D metal print.  Materials available include stainless steel, precious metals, tool steel and more.




1. Sugar-Based 3D Printers: What’s not to love about sugar?  Introduced as the “sweetest” new 3D printing technology, this delicate, edible art is making waves throughout the world. 3D Systems was proud to add the addition of sugar-based 3D printers to its lineup of printers in 2013.


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