Summer days are coming among us here at our Geomagic Solutions RTP office, nice enough, in fact for a company lunch outside today. But the serious work continues on and here are a few highlights from our week for your reading (and viewing) pleasure.

Geomagic 3D Touch products got a big boost this week with a video by TechNewsDaily, featuring Geomagic Solutions' Freeform design guru, Josh St John.


CEO, Avi Reichental, interviewed on about 3D printing, guns and more.


Geomagic Solutions' new VP and General Manager, Calvin Hur, introduces a vision for our future on the Geomagic blog


On that same note, we created a new video showing the newly renamed Geomagic product lines. It's pretty neat


Ping Fu, not standing still at any moment, delivers the idea of 3D touch and remote surgery at the Make Magazine blog


And finally, product designers will particularly enjoy reading how James Mason, a Geomagic Freeform user, created a winning design for the Make-A-Bot competition held by Develop3D magazine.


We wish everyone a happy and healthy weekend, wherever you are in our world.