In its unwavering mission to help clients solve their toughest problems, Deloitte is bumping up its manufacturing consulting portfolio with the latest 3D printing technology from 3D Systems. As part of the project, Deloitte has established its 3D Printing Greenhouse Discover Center at its office in Rosslyn, Va., to impress upon their clients the power of emerging technologies and how they’re changing the game for everything from prototyping to end-use manufacturing.

The 3D Printing Greenhouse Discover Center features a line-up of Cube®, Cube® X, ProJet® x60 and ProJet® 3500 3D printers from 3D Systems, plus scanners and engineering software from 3D Systems Geomagic, all on display so Deloitte clients can grasp first-hand how 3D printing positively affects manufacturing and production of every kind. Clients even have the opportunity to experience the impressive benefits of 3D printing through in-depth, immersive experiential learning sessions, in which designs are conceived, developed and manufactured on-site within a single day.