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Given a choice 5 years ago between milling dental prostheses and printing them, Michal Hermanek opted for 3D printing. Since then, Hermanek believes that the Direct Metal Sintering (DMS) systems from 3D Systems have allowed his company, MicroDent, to grow faster than he could ever have anticipated.

“With the quick turnaround we deliver using direct metal sintering, we have also built a reputation for high quality and attention to detail that pleases our dental customers,” said Hermanek.

Dental bridges and prostheses are required to be highly accurate to ensure comfort in such a sensitive area of the body. Hermanek’s team in the Czech Republic assessed several metal 3D printers, and of them all the ProX 100 dental system stood out.

“The sheer quality of the part created on the ProX™ 100 dental system from 3D Systems meant that the part didn’t twist and deform, and also stood up to repeated firing,” he commented.

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