Today we’re checking in with Ian Finn, president of Finnovation Product Development in Rochester, N.Y., who recently acquired a 3D Systems sPro SLS® system. It seems the new machine has added an extra dimension to his manufacturing capabilities in that he can now take on clients who require strong end-use parts in as little as a few days. (Left: Ian with his sPro)

“The sPro SLS 3D printer takes rapid prototyping to the next level: rapid production,” he says in his blog. “This technology puts Finnovation Product Development’s Rapid Production capabilities in the ranks alongside General Motors, Boeing, and Burton Snowboards (to name a few) and allows production of durable prototype or end-use parts that can be delivered in days.”

He goes on:

Having the latest in SLS Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Production technology in house allows Finnovation to meet demanding deadlines and provide cost effective solutions while streamlining any design and manufacturing process. Based in Rochester New York, Finnovation Product Development operates around the clock, 7 days a week, to truly make this technology a “rapid” solution.

To read of Finnovation Product Development’s blog and hear more about how the sPro is helping Ian the reach a new level of production, click here.