Zurich. 7 years ago. Swiss architect Phil Binkert designed an innovative stair climber for a stroller. In order to present it at a competition in England, he needed a prototype. He recalled using SLS printing previously for his architectural projects and turned to it once again for his new invention.

Once he and business partner Christiane Fimpel really focused on the new generation of 3D printing technologies for this project, they then found they couldn’t let it go. The opportunity was too big to pass up. The pair gave up their jobs, pooled their finances, and opened a 3D printing retail store in downtown Zurich called 3D-MODEL. They have never looked back.

“Our 3D printing store receives an enormous level of interest from every different field,” said Christiane, “Insurance, financial and logistics companies. Think tanks, architects and graphic design firms. Food and packaging companies. Universities, CIOs and CMOs of major firms visit and book us for speeches, presentations and workshops.”


The windows of the store display the entire range of products from 3D Systems – from Cube printers, scanners, through to full color 3D printers and multi-Jet printing systems. The team offers retail sales on consumer products, and consulting and implementation on everything from data management, 3D scanning and 3D printing of every kind.

“Our full hearts, efforts and outlook are focused on how this technology will affect the world around us,” says Christiane. “We like to talk about mass customization, how 3D printing will change our schooling and education, the internet of things. Here we are living it every day, watching how it works and helping people understand, and it is an amazing ride.”

With a schedule of workshops, a full range of products from 3D Systems, including scanners and software for beginners through to professional engineers, anyone in Zurich can now walk the streets of the city and learn about 3D printing with 3D-Model.

A TV news crew spent some time at the facility recently, and this video shows the range of tools and expertise available at 3D-Model. (German language only.)

Find out more at: http://3d-model.ch/