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lost luggage

What if technology could forever alleviate your fears of a lost bag at the airport? Not via chips or tracking, but by transporting your belongings to your final destination so they’re ready and waiting when you get there? Not just any items, either: items that are personalized and made to fit your form, taste and personality. With 3D printing, this space-age hypothetical isn't so far off.

3DS’ own Janne Kyttanen is putting luggage into bits and bytes instead of overhead bins with his complete 3D-printed outfit, comprised of clothing, shoes, accessories and even a bag. The chic outfit, which was displayed at the Lost Luggage exhibit in Rotterdam’s Galerie VIVID, has the potential to render those annoying baggage fees obsolete. Simply select a file, print and go.

Likewise, travelers who have forgotten important custom medical devices, or even been injured while traveling, could easily print their own orthopedics, braces or splints. It’s certainly a better alternative to toughing it out or waiting for it to arrive via snail mail.

3D printing is already shaping how we travel, as many of today’s aircraft and automotive manufacturers use this technology to prototype and print working transportation components. With 3D printed wearables, it won’t be much longer until 3D printing starts to impact what travels with us too.

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