David Melo, 3DS Intern

My name is David Melo, and I am privileged to represent 3D Systems as we join the Millennial Train Project, the first ever mobile hacker space traveling cross-country by train from Portland to New York City over the next 10 days. The traveling group is comprised of 25 people total, and our mission is to enable those along our route and those following us virtually “to identify, evaluate, and explore opportunities and challenges in the communities where we stop while advancing a project that benefits, serves, and inspires others.”

We will be stopping in 7 cities total, and apart from our onboard activities, we will be bringing our 3D printing and 3D scanning technology to local hacker spaces and educational centers in each city to show how this technology can be used to advance solutions to existing and emerging issues. Using the new Cube, CubePro and EKOCYCLE Cube 3D printers and the iSense and Sense 3D scanners, we will be demonstrating the power and potential of 3D technology to reshape the way society in general, and the younger generations in particular, think about the world around us. I remember how blown away I was by 3D printing when I first witnessed the technology in 2012, and I am very eager to share my passion over the coming days.

Right now I’m on the train heading north towards Portland from Los Angeles. I am in a car that has been retrofitted into a lounge area and work station for our 3D printing units. This experience is surreal, riding in a vintage train car with 3D printers building away, and a view of the Pacific coast out the window. I am excited for the true journey to begin tomorrow. I hope you’ll join us!