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Today Microsoft released an updated version of its 3D Builder Windows Store app, now enhanced with more features, a better user experience, and expanded 3D printing capability via a new partnership with 3DS and our Cubify cloud printing services. By integrating with our Cubify cloud printing service, Microsoft’s 3D Builder R5 gives you access to expanded material options beyond what is typically offered by consumer 3D printers. Materials range from opaque and frosted plastics, to metallic and mixed plastics, to full-color “Colorstone” and even ceramics. From the designing process, users are directly and seamlessly linked to Cubify where they can order their design to be shipped to their doorstep within 2 weeks.

Beyond the added ease and access of cloud printing, 3D Builder R5 has totally overhauled and optimized its main control, expanded its edit mode and added a new selection control that lets you easily manage the selection state of multiple parts on the virtual build platform. The new design cleanly incorporates the many features that have been added to the app during its last several releases and has additionally made moving, scaling and rotating models more precise and intuitive.

In this version of the app, 3D Builder’s built-in library of parts has also gained a new category of trophy 3D models that can be customized and personalized using multiple parts to be scaled up or down depending on their intended application.

The new Buy Print button in 3D Builder R5 is integrated with 3D Systems’ Cubify service

You can get more information and install 3D Builder R5 by visiting the official 3D Builder app store page.