Today marks the release of our new Geomagic Sculpt software and Touch haptic device. If you’re unfamiliar with haptic design, perhaps Scotty Ziegler (inventor, builder, sculptor, artist and TV personality) distinguishes it best: with haptics your design “becomes an extension of you.”

For those with experience in 3D modeling, the new Geomagic Sculpt and Touch device take design to a whole new level, blurring the line between your computer screen and a shop situation by giving your design intentions physical feedback resulting in faster and more capable creative freedom.

Our new Geomagic Sculpt was developed from the industry-leading organic design tool – Geomagic Freeform – and brings together voxel-based modeling and sub-divisional surface modeling in a dimension-driven design product. These tools allow you to build perfect surfaces in virtual clay with the sensation of physically carving in the digital space.

Created with the professional designer in mind, Geomagic Sculpt offers a smooth path to bring CAD data into a workable sculpting space, along with streamlined functions to check data for 3D printing. The fluidity of this digital workflow brings new capability to designers and engineers looking to rev up product design.

To learn more and hear Scotty’s take, watch the video below: