3D Printhuset is Denmark’s largest 3D print store. According to founder Henrik Lund-Nielsen, it was opened to support the belief that “seeing is believing” – especially where new technologies are concerned. Understanding that for a new technology to succeed, it must not only be affordable, but also accessible, 3D Printhuset is giving people the opportunity of exposure. Whether visiting personally or professionally, store visitors can do more than simply see and buy 3D printers – they can also rent them and test them, in addition to getting 3D scans and participating in workshops and educational classes. Says Lund-Nielsen, “Recent price reductions have made 3D printing and scanning more affordable, but for the most part this technology has been difficult to come in contact with unless you were a large business or collaborated with a printing service. Our mission is to change that exclusivity by opening up the floor to everyone else.”

The response so far has been enthusiastic, and 3D Printhuset has been surprised with the kinds of inquiries it’s received (which is of course to be expected when you work with a technology that removes the barriers on what’s “possible”). Requests so far have included:

  • A museum that wants to print a full-sized ABS replica of a deceased painter
  • A charity organization that wants to recreate a medal of honor, both the mold and copies, to replace the one that was stolen from it
  • A private individual who wants to create and print monsters
  • An engineer and designer pair that wants a high-level desktop printer at home to design and make household items for private and commercial use
  • A new engineering company that wants to educate its employees in 3D printing

Beyond specific requests, Lund-Nielsen says customers are also generally pleased with the fact that they can now experience 3D printing first hand and come to understand the technology up-close. From hands-on interactions with the Cube and CubePro 3D printers and Sense and iSense 3D scanners, people are reacting with surprise and delight over how easy it is to get started, how affordable 3D printing has become and the general aesthetic of the printers’ and scanners’ designs. “3D printing is making its way into the home and office, and we’re happy to help people better understand the technology and incorporate it into their lives,” said Lund-Nielsen.

3D Printhuset is located at Sølvgade 85A, 1307 København K, Denmark.