Today we are extremely excited to announce the expansion of our ProJet® 1200 portfolio with five new, capability-stretching materials for desktop micro-SLA 3D printing. These materials come after a year of tremendous success with the ProJet 1200 and lend our users greater flexibility in their applications, from jewelry workshops and dental labs to engineering tables and the studios of 3D artists. Our FTX-material offering now includes Cast, Gold, Silver, Gray and Clear, in addition to the original Green.

For the past year, the ProJet 1200 has proven itself an incredibly powerful countertop tool, offering the super fine detail and precision of SLA printing with a fraction of the physical footprint (not to mention, a fraction of the price at 4,900 USD or 3,980 Euro). Smaller than the average coffeemaker, the ProJet 1200 has been a welcome and natural fit to the workflow of small businesses, allowing them to not only shave production steps from their process (sending out for prototypes, etc.), but it has also allowed them to provide new and highly marketable services to their customers. FTX Gold and FTX Silver, for example, are wonderful additions to the jewellers’ toolkit, enabling on-demand, in-store samples for customers who want to take their ideas off-screen, but who are still in the decision-making process. With a quick print off the ProJet 1200 in FTX Gold or Silver, it becomes much easier to envision creations and tailor designs before making greater investments. Combined with capture and create products like the Sense scanner and Geomagic Sculpt software, jewellers are finding they have even more room to distinguish their business with truly custom creations for charms and pendants.  The captivating quality of such keepsakes can now take on a deeper history that goes past selecting something in a store to being part of the making process. Gifts from child to grandparent or from lover to beloved can now be highly personal, interactive and meaningful. Surprisingly enough, the ease and streamlining of this digital workflow enables it to be all these things without a significant time burden, as print-ready scans can be processed in a matter of minutes.

FTX Cast is exciting addition across the board of ProJet 1200 applications as it offers improved castability for a wider range of metals and materials, expanding what’s possible to print and accurately cast in fine detail. Due to its high-contrast properties, the addition of FTX Gray gives 3D artists and engineers a fantastic option for visualization, while FTX Clear simulates any clear plastic an engineer or manufacturer might want to use for a mock up or final product.

We hope you’re as excited as we are for this great development in micro-SLA 3D printing and the tremendous possibilities it brings to the digital workflow. If you’ll be in Frankfurt for EuroMold (November 25-28) and have the opportunity to swing by and check out these new materials up close, we warmly welcome you to do so. You can find us at the Messe Frankfurt in Hall 11 at booths D69 and F90. We’ll have plenty of other efficiency- and capability-enhancing 3D tech on hand, so let us help you pick up the digital thread in this digital age!