Of all the procedures performed in the dentist’s chair, plaster molds are admittedly on the non-invasive side, but anyone who’s ever had one done will lose no tears over the prospect of never having one again. Now, using the Sirona Cerac intraoral scanner, dental professionals can take a 3D scan to collect the data of a patient’s oral terrain, send that information to the lab, and have it processed for the appropriate restoration.

Sirona, the world’s largest manufacturer of dental technology, is the driving force behind progress in dentistry and consistently spearheads technological developments in the field. With the  verification of the ProJet 1200 micro-SLA 3D printer within the inLab Dental Lab processes, Sirona has complemented their modern portfolio offerings of dental solutions. According to Lindy Sikes from Sikes Dental Studio, “The ProJet 1200 is the last piece of the digital dental puzzle that has eliminated hand waxing from our lab.” Perfect for copings, bridges, veneers and pressed ceramics, the ProJet 1200 is recognized as a “perfection device” in dentistry.

At the latest Sirona inLab Summits, held October 31-November 1 in Charlotte, NC, and November 7-8 in Carlsbad, CA, 3DS and Sirona demonstrated the integration of the ProJet 1200 with the inLab Dental Lab CAD/CAM system for the dental professionals at the show. Think the ProJet 1200 could be the missing link for your lab? Learn more here.