This past summer, we partnered with the Millennial Trains Project to take some of the brightest minds of this generation across the country on a 10-day train tour. We set up a hacker space on the train itself, which we equipped with Cube3s, CubePros, Sense scanners, and more. The tour was full of entrepreneurs, innovators, and creators of all backgrounds and traveled through some of America’s major cities with the mission of spreading technological access and awareness while fostering exciting new ideas. In addition to providing our next generation of leaders with empowering tools, we also visited some of the country’s most interesting maker spaces along the way. Each had a slew of great projects they were working on, and we were excited to add CubePros and scanners to their tool kit to help them capture and share their ideas. 

Yesterday, Millennial Trains Project founder & CEO Patrick Dowd announced the next leg of the MTP tour slotted for May of 2015. For this third journey, the train will pass through the southern United States, stopping in LA, Austin, San Antonio, New Orleans, Atlanta, and Washington DC. Patrick was also part of the White House Travel Bloggers Summit where he discussed his experiences studying abroad, and why exploring the different cultures of the US can be just as enriching of an experience as studying abroad. The combination of travel, technology and the maker movement makes this a particularly fascinating venture. 

Check out the video below for more: