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Creating one-of-a-kind, personalized products has a reputation for being slow and prohibitively expensive, but that's because most people think in terms of traditional manufacturing methods. We invite you to expand your understanding of what's possible through the introduction of our Continuous High-Speed, Fab-Grade 3D printer, which makes on-demand, customized production viable for the first time ever. This revolutionary new printer takes supreme advantage of each minute it operates to jet out four billion drops of precision-placed materials, be they in color, conductive, or with other specially engineered properties, to offer a never-before-possible combination of design freedom, material options, and blazing speed. In fact, our Continuous High-Speed, Fab-Grade printer is nearly 50 times faster than other material jetting 3D printers.

atlast parts

While four billion drops per minute is as mind-bending rate of speed, this new machine's design might be its most groundbreaking feature. This new technology features a unique racetrack configuration that allows for parts to be taken "off-track" for any number of pre- or post-processing steps. This allows manufacturers to seamlessly integrate traditional and additive manufacturing processes into a single workflow, translating to a new form of high-speed, hybrid production that is destined to change manufacturing forever.

We expect these new capabilities to usher in a wave of innovation that spans industries, from automotive to footwear to toys to consumer electronics. As designers, engineers and manufacturers dream up new functional, full-color, multi-material parts, we will be able to help them mass-produce them by the minute.