Matt Waldman, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of NOOKA, has some conflicting advice for designers with regard to technology. On the one hand, he cautions designers to not get hung up on tech, as the heart of compelling design is the narrative that drives it. Then again, as his practices and products clearly demonstrate, he tells designers DO get hung up on technology, as new techniques open up new aesthetics and give us new ways of looking at the world around us.

Matt’s designs reflect the dichotomy of his attitude as he brings the revolution of interface design to objects and fashion. And he does it with the help of NOOKA’s “model making intern,” the CubePro. Matt says that having a 3D printer on hand is an integral part of testing ideas and exploring new forms, and that the CubePro is a great one to have because of the tremendous versatility in print sizes he can achieve, as well as the diverse forms and interactions with materials that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

Watch the video below to learn more about how Matt is taking advantage of his CubePro to stretch the potential of his designs.