It’s time for the much anticipated CES 2015! If you’re in Vegas, we hope to see you at our booth (you can find us in the Sands Expo, #72225), but if you’re tuning in from afar, there’s no need to feel excluded! This year we are hosting a “Haiku Hashtagathon” on social media and we warmly invite you to join!

Beyond giving you a way to jump in on the fun, we’re also offering daily prizes to our winners in the form of a 3D Mystery Box (a $250 value).  So to get your creative and competitive juices flowing in the right direction, here are our guidelines:

  • Write or video-share a poem. We picked haikus because they are accessible, but feel free to strut your stuff with other creative forms, such as limericks, acrostics, or raps.
  • Valid entries must:
    • Contain at least 3 of our approved hashtags (outlined below)
    • Include #3DHaiku
    • Be submitted to a valid 3DS handle.
      • Facebook: @3D Systems Corporation OR @Cubify
      • Twitter: @3Dsystemscorp OR @Cubify
      • Instagram: @Cubify
  • All submissions must be original work.
  • Profane content will be disqualified
  • Duplicate submissions to different channels will not increase your odds of winning. Each original entry counts as a submission.

We will evaluate submissions based on positive message and creativity of content and form.

Think about the creative process and potential of all things 3D to snag inspiration and get started. This includes 3D scanning, 3D modeling, and 3D printing and all the applications these technologies fuel and enhance. You can also take a broader perspective about 3D technology’s place in innovation, education and society.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Sample Haiku

New #wearable #tech

#3dprinted overnight

My #style made by me

Note: Haikus are 3 lines long, with line length determined by syllables. They follow a 5-7-5 structure. “#” is considered unpronounced and does not count towards your syllable count.

Sample Limerick

unitednude limerick


Note: Limericks are playful 5-line poems that follow an AABBA rhyme scheme. You can tweet a picture to sidestep character limits, just make sure #3DHaiku is part of your tweet body.