It’s early morning. Your alarm clock goes off and you groan and roll over.  Your face turns up in a sleepy smile as you imagine jumping on the buzzing apparatus like bubble wrap and crawling back under the covers. Hey, it wouldn’t be so bad: you 3D printed it, so “plenty more where that came from,” as the saying goes.

Then you remember the queue of projects you have lined up and decide to silence your clock civilly. Over the weekend you’ll get started on your 3D printed quadcopter, unless you opt to make that new pair of shoes instead. You can’t wait to print them out, pull them from the print pad and show them off.

Your alarm silenced, you go to the kitchen and pour yourself a cup of coffee, sweetening it with geometrical sugar. You plop them in the ceramic mug your best friend gave you. The two of you went on a trip together and passed an intricate gate with a funny face in the ironwork.  It made you laugh, but you didn’t think much of it when your friend snagged a 3D scan of it. Then when you opened your birthday present and saw that face printed into the facet of the mug, everything came together. You were overcome with delight.

You get to work, and as your chair struggles and clunks over the chords beneath your desk you resolve to print out a few tidiers. The office 3D printer is currently working on a concept model for your coworker’s upcoming presentation, but you can jump in after. While you’re thinking about it, you realize it wouldn’t hurt to add a paper towel rack for the breakroom to that build. And coasters and wine tags as party favors for your upcoming dinner party, but that you can print from home.

You get a text from your neighbor and an invitation to come over and play the new game his daughter invented. She made the board, pieces, rules, everything! Do you have a character preference? If it hasn’t already been printed, you’re told you can place a custom order! You send back a happy “Yes!” along with a link to a monkey file to act as your on-board proxy.

After a night of laughter and fun, you return home, set your alarm, and fall asleep counting build layers. You live in the Home of the Now.

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