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Besides first canines Sunny and Bo, the White House doesn’t get a whole lot of four-legged visitors. This past Monday, however, the presidential lawn of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue welcomed the 3D printed paws of Derby the dog as part of the White House Science Fair.

The White House Science Fair is an annual event that celebrates and highlights student achievements in science, engineering, technology and more. It’s an opportunity for America’s young minds to share their inventions and innovation with peers and distinguished guests. This year was no exception, and additionally celebrated diversity in science and engineering, with a look at female scientists and a peek at how they are changing the world.

Once Derby had made himself comfortable on the East Garden lawn, we discovered that he was one of very few pups to ever visit the White House. And as it turns out, he was a hit, delighting all whose paths he crossed. He even nabbed a cameo on the Weather Channel and met Bill Nye the Science Guy. Through tweets and social media coverage, Derby touched far more than the in-person audience, and was a living testament to the life-enhancing good we can unlock through technology and 3D printing.

Click here for more information about the White House Science Fair, and check out the video below to see Derby in action.