The digital thread is alive and well at the University of South Florida’s Alliance for Integrated Spatial Technologies (AIST), where the program’s directors, Dr. Lori Collins and Dr. Travis Doering, are providing digital services for researchers, students and professors throughout the university.

From engineering and biology to history and archaeology, AIST creates interdisciplinary approaches to research and curriculum that involve 3D technologies and visualizations. These approaches often incorporate the full digital thread of 3D scan-to-print using 3DS’ handheld Sense® and iSense® 3D scanners, Geomagic Studio® software and the CubePro® 3D printer.

With the power to go from physical to digital and back again, AIST helps teachers and students throughout the university archive and recreate valuable artifacts, create 3D printed wildlife refuges, and produce scale engineering models, among other projects.

See the video below to find out more about how AIST is using the digital thread.