It is with enthusiasm and delight that we share the winners of the Disney Create Tomorrowland – X Prize Challenge. These six young minds were chosen for their innovative solutions to improve our future lives, and the ideas they came up with will amaze you:

The Era of Pain is Over

Maxwell F. (11, New York) devised nanobots, which are ingested into the body and block pain in a mechanical, non-addictive process. Max said he had fun coming up with his idea and wants to invent and design technology when he grows up.

Bee Origamibot


Gabrielle N. (9, New York) drew up a plan for solar powered, metal, origami robot bees. If it sounds like the future, that’s the idea. These little bees would take up the work of the world’s declining bee populations and help pollinate crops to better ensure societal food stability. 

Making Tomorrrowland Greener: Artificial Trees

Natalie C. (16, Pennsylvania) suggested artificial trees to supplement the natural landscape. These special trees would simultaneously trap carbon and harness solar energy.


Magnes Lithos Chair

Adrianne C. (15, Florida) thinks the future would benefit from magnetic levitating chairs for the disabled to help them traverse difficult terrain and improve their overall mobility.

Hydrogen Powered Flying Scooters

Jason J. (12, New York) is tuned in to our need to reduce CO2 emissions and has suggested hydrogen-powered flying scooters as a good way to do it.

Changing the World through Genes

Clarissa K. (15, Michigan) suggested that the cure for cancer may be in our genes, or rather: may NOT be in our genes, and has suggested a genetic therapy to correct it.

3D Systems is thrilled to provide each of the winners with a Cube 3D printer so that they can continue to devise solutions for the world around them, whether big or small. At 3D Systems, we believe in pairing capable minds with capable tools to fuel innovation as a way of life. We love the ideas this contest generated and are very excited for the future!