Home brewing and DIY go hand in hand, with plenty of opportunities for makers to streamline their process through custom gear that fills the gaps of what’s commercially available. The maker-spirit of home brewers celebrates the comradery of shared interests and has given life to many online forums for sharing and problem solving. On one such outlet, Home Brew Talk, Chris Belli recently shared his discovery of 3D printing on the Cube and has proclaimed it a natural partner for home brewing.

Noting the lowering cost of 3D printers and the increased availability of 3D software, Chris sees a “…wonderfully rich and productive future ahead for all the yet to be invented gadgets for brewing beer.”

Here are a few of the ways Chris has made his hobby more personal:

A probe holder for the fermentation chamber to get a more accurate read on temperature and avoid haphazard gerryrigging 

A funnel connecting the fan and tube directly for the kegerator “tower cooler” – avoiding the hassle of hole saws and pipe fittings.

A specialized screwcap for mounting the CO2 line and racking cane at the same time.