Cyclists have it hard enough with narrow lanes, whizzing cars and no AC, so asking them to tolerate the potential that their bike might also get stolen seems cruel and unusual. Enter: Yerka, a new company whose product promises to let bikers put their minds at ease with the first “unstealable” bike. Touting the wisdom that the best ideas are the simplest, Yerka relieves cyclists of the need for an external lock, by designing security within the bike frame itself. The bike’s downtube splits in two, allowing the seat tube to lock around any tree, pole or bike rack in a hassle-free 10 seconds. By incorporating the lock within the structure of the seat, cutting the lock equals destruction.

Inspiration for Yerka surfaced when the company’s founder was the victim of bike theft for the second time. Realizing that proverbial lightening can strike the same place twice, he decided to take matters into his own hands and develop a new concept. He and his team started testing materials and prototyping, using all the latest technologies to create a bike that was safe, comfortable, and excellently designed. Check out their video here, and keep an eye out for the Cube 3D printer. 3D printing with the Cube is as easy as riding… well, you know.