Last year, just around this time, we announced that a number of the Geomagic products were being discontinued and superseded by ongoing software products. Any customer on current maintenance contracts had immediate availability to the new software product, in addition to having a perpetual license of the discontinued software.

But, not everyone found out, or realized what it meant.

Time is Running Out!

If you had a maintenance contract in place on March 23 2015 you were, and still are, eligible for the additional seat of ongoing software. But if you didn't have maintenance, all you need to do is renew your maintenance before April 30 2016 and you can get it too! The list of products is below. Don't hesitate now, because after April 30 2016, this offer will expire. Lapsed fees may apply.

So I'm interested. What do I do?

You now have less than a month to get hold of your favorite Geomagic reseller or Geomagic Sales team member to discuss if you are eligible for a free seat of the ongoing software or how to renew maintenance to qualify.

Is it really worth it?

You bet it is! For the low price of maintenance you get access to our ongoing software products and we have been working hard for the last year to make sure that these products combine the best of all our technologies. For example, we combined the industry-leading autosurfacing tools from Geomagic Studio into Geomagic Design X so you don't miss out on that going forward. If you are a Claytools user, Geomagic Sculpt 2016 is simply going to blow your mind. Soon a next-generation version of Geomagic Control will give you the combined 3D Inspection toolsets you have been looking for.

So what software products are affected?

See the list below to determine what products are being discontinued and what is replacing them.

  • Geomagic Design Direct
  • Capture for Design Direct
  • Geomagic Studio
  • Geomagic XOS
  • Geomagic Verify
  • Capture for Verify
  • Geomagic Capture for SpaceClaim
  • Geomagic Design Elements and all Add-ons

Read the original FAQs here

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