By Vyomesh Joshi, CEO & President, 3D Systems

Manufacturing leaders from around the world gather this week at IMTS in Chicago to discover the digital technologies and smart systems which will anchor the next decade of production workflows. 3D Systems believes it is time to advance digitalization beyond design and operations and into the complete manufacturing workflow.

Industrial OEMs realize it is a time of drastic change. Increased connectivity and machine intelligence are creating new value opportunities. The new business models of value creation require manufacturing firms to insert speed and agility into every production process. The global economy is becoming more service oriented; manufacturers must respond with shorter production cycles that adapt to rapid product ecosystem evolution.  

3D Systems' Figure 4 Production 3D printer at IMTS 2018
3D Systems' Figure 4 Production 3D printer at IMTS 2018

The history of 3D printing is the story of integrating digital processes into manufacturing workflows. First it was design prototyping, then functional validation. More recently 3D printing provided short-run and bridge manufacturing opportunities. Now the 3D printing industry offers real 3D production manufacturing. It is a new ecosystem of industrial opportunity based on repeatability, durability, productivity, and rapid scalability which delivers functional production parts at a lower total cost of operation. The 3D Systems all-digital manufacturing workflow will rewrite the rules of competitive differentiation and value creation.

By offering an end-to-end digital portfolio of hardware, software, materials, training, and service, we become your industrial partner in creating new production workflows, new business models, and new revenue opportunities.

Many of the innovative products based on 3D printing came from customers inspired by the possibilities inherent in additive manufacturing. From creating production molds direct from a digital model, to direct manufacture of aircraft parts, to 3D printing the perfect set of braces, visionary manufacturers have reinvented their domains with 3D processes. Today additive manufacturing stands ready to deliver the new ecosystem of digital factory production to the broad industrial market.

If you will be one of the thousands walking the aisles at IMTS, look for ways to make your goals, your processes, and your manufacturing systems a triad of synergistic disruptive profitability. We believe you will find 3D Systems a ready partner in your quest for competitive value creation in an all-digital manufacturing workflow.