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We continue to innovate and advance our material science and have introduced several true production-capable photopolymer materials that not only look like injection molded plastics, but remain functional and stable for years in both indoor and outdoor environments.

The latest set of innovations change the game for our customers using Figure 4 printers with the introduction of four brand new materials. These new production-capable materials are engineered to make your 3D printing experience more productive, cost efficient, and most importantly, bring long-term mechanical and environmental stability. They build upon the productivity that Figure 4 is known for while providing new levels of performance for advanced applications in industries such as consumer electronics, automotive and motorsports, healthcare, industrial goods, and aerospace and defense.

While this printing technology has always provided quality, accuracy and productivity, the question continually arises concerning the stability over longer durations and environmental exposure; are these materials going to have the longevity we need to gain more value from our additive manufacturing applications? The answer is yes. With the addition of Figure 4 High Temp 150C FR Black, Figure 4 Tough 65C Black, Figure 4 Tough 60C White, and Figure 4 Rigid Gray, we are able to significantly increase the performance of your Figure 4 portfolio, and do it over a longer functional period through new materials innovation.

Now let’s start the introduction with Figure 4 Rigid Gray. This new material was crafted specifically with durability in mind. Figure 4 Rigid Gray utilizes its balance of thermal and mechanical properties, combined with excellent print quality, long-term indoor and outdoor mechanical performance and environmental stability to create a product with impressive strength and longevity. Figure 4 Rigid Gray is ideal for static rigid housing and covers, casings, panels, and trim, providing dependable support wherever it is needed.

Figure 4 Rigid Gray_final_video

Now if you want to get tough, take a look at the new Figure 4 Tough 65C Black and Figure 4 Tough 60C White. This duo provides the same strength paired with flexibility at high production volumes. These materials were engineered to address mechanical-load bearing applications such as small snap-fits, brackets, handles and fasteners in consumer products, wearable devices, and general use parts that require details, and accuracy.

Figure 4 Tough 60C White is biocompatible-capable and can be sterilized using common methods while maintaining its mechanical properties, color, cytotoxicity, and dimensional stability. These fascinating qualities are ideal for creating medical supplies such as tools, handles and small plastic parts.

Finally, let’s talk about a material that can really handle the heat, Figure 4 High Temp 150C FR Black. This halogen-free, fire retardant resin is ideal for production plastic parts for aerospace and defense, automotive and motorsports, and consumer electronics applications.

This material is compliant with U.S. Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) 25.853 and FAR Part 23.853, making it ideal for producing rigid covers, panels, housings, and small in-cabin parts for transport and commuter aircrafts. Don’t worry about difficulty processing, as this material is easy to handle and capable of use as supplied without melting or printing at elevated temperatures.

Figure 4 High Temp 150C FR Black_final_video

With the introduction of these new Figure 4 materials, we have advanced our additive manufacturing performance by providing you with materials that are cost efficient and built to last, giving you the opportunity to produce more while being assured these materials have long-term stability.

If you want more information about our new Figure 4 materials, check out our Figure 4 Materials Guide and reach out to our team with any questions.