Additive Manufacturing for Structural Components

Metal Printed Structural Components for Motorsports with the Formula Electric Belgium team

Discover the ways to leverage topology optimization and 3D printing to improve strength and weight with 3D printed metal structural components. With additive manufacturing, the ability to deliver complex parts without additional costs or assembly requirements is possible for optimized designs needed for structural components found in mechanical systems serving motorsports applications. Listen to 3D Systems’ Manager of Application Development for our Application Innovation Group, Koen Huybrechts as he showcases an example of an AM structural component built in collaboration with the Formula Electric Belgium team. 

Koen Huybrechts Headshot

Koen Huybrechts

Manager, Aerospace Application Development, Application Innovation Group

Specialties:Aerospace & Defense, Direct Metal Printing

My goals as an Application Development engineer are to guide customers through technical or economic feasibility of their project ideas, all the way up to volume production. I advise on all manufacturing processes, not solely on AM, in order to create an integrated solution scaled to the needs of the application.