Freedom Of Creation designer Brian Garret has designed a 3D printed clip, a giveaway for the upcoming Alpe d'Huzes cycle event. Alpe d'Huzes is a Dutch initiative in which hundreds of people cycle up the Alpe d'Huez mountain to collect sponsor money to fight cancer.


Each of the more than 3000 participants has to cycle up at least 6 times, which is nearly impossible since the climb up the mountain -being part of the Tour the France- is a very tough track. This annual event, first organized in 2006, brought up a mere 5,7 million Euro last year.


About the Clip

Freedom Of Creation wanted to do more than just participate with it's own cycling team, that's why FOC initiated the design of a cool giveaway. The clip snaps to the saddle pin of the riders bike, the design which is shaped like the Alpe d'Huzes logo, will be updated each year with a different color. In this way people can collect a clip for each year they participate, and carry with them a nice souvenir of the climb up the Alpe d'Huez.


3D Printing Industry supports a good cause

We approached our manufacturers and suppliers to support this good cause, and managed to get over 3000 3d printed clips printed for free. We really appreciate the involvement of our 3D printing partners and would like to sincerely thank:

- 3T RPD Ltd from Newbury - United Kingdom

- FKM Sintertechnik GmbH from Wallau - Germany

- CNC Speedform AG from Werther - Germany

- HSL Italia SRL from Trento - Italy

- EOS GmbH Electrical Optical Systems from Munchen - Germany

- Loughborough University - Leicestershire - United Kingdom

- Kemtex Educational Supplies - Lancashire - United Kingdom