3D Systems Corporation (NASDAQ: TDSC) announced today that it has acquired Freedom Of Creation (FOC), the pioneering 3D printing design company based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Click here for the official 3D Systems press release.

Founded in 2000 by Finnish designer Janne Kyttänen Freedom Of Creation has done extensive research in the field of 3D printing, continuously pushing the boundaries with cutting edge innovations, stretching the limits and ultimately building a successful design collection of commercial goods. Using these state of the art 3D printing technologies we actively collaborate with 3rd parties as well as building our own design collection. The products in the FOC collection have been published and exhibited all around the world, they also have been selected for permanent museum collections and have received numerous design accolades worldwide.

Over the past years the 3D printing industry has been picking up speed, moving the technology towards mainstream adoption. To keep our competitive edge and to strengthen our pioneering position we are excited about partnering up with one of the biggest players in the 3D printing industry, 3D Systems. This strategic move helps to realize Freedom Of Creation's bold plans with 3D printing for both the near and distant future.