Freedom Of Creations' designer Brian Garret has created a series of 3D printed awards for the Frame Rate Fest Contest. In collaboration with communication agency These Days, a series of 4 personalized awards were made to celebrate the following winners:

- Chopper by Giel Berkers
- Rainbow Ride by Remco van den Brink
- Triangularity by Michel Ypma
- Amazing Maze by Mike & Paul

The Frame Rate Fest was organised to create attention for newly launched Internet Explorer 9 browser by Microsoft, each participant had to create their own frame, filled with interactive - slightly geeky - web stuff.

The inspiration for the awards, as Brian Garret explains, came from the internet and the way it's connected.

The heart of the award looks like a 3 dimensional visualization of the World Wide Web, with lots of connections going in all different directions.