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We are happy to announce the launch of the Cubify™ beta platform and the unveiling of the new Cube™ 3D Printer at CES in Las Vegas. Freedom Of Creation designers have been working closely withh 3D Systems to provide a new platform that gives everyone the power to unleash their creativity.

UPDATE: Only 2 days after the Cube 3D printer has been launched we've been nominated for the Best of CES 2012 Award - to support the Cube™ 3D Printer.

Cubify™ includes many features like Content-to-Print; being able to browse through thousands of products and to easily download and print directly to your Cube™ 3D Printer, Cloud Printing; a service for those who do not own a Cube that allows you to simply upload your designs and have it delivered to your doorstep, and the ability to start up your own online store to sell your creations.

A couple of features that we are really excited to show off in the near future are Hubs and Apps. Hubs allows you to easily find out if there are any cool Cube friends nearby. So if you don't own a Cube Printer or if you simply want to share ideas, Hubs is where it's at. And not to forget our most exciting feature about the Cubify platform is the introduction of Apps! If this doesn't get your juices going, then prepare yourself because your mind is about to be blown away when you discover the new world of Apps and 3D printing!