In January 2010 the FOC Talents program was launched with great excitement, but also some uncertainty on how it would evolve. Assessing the first results, we see that we are on the right track and that the potential is huge.

The founder of FOC Talents, Bram de Zwart:

'Creating a distanced network of the worlds' best 3D designers and centrally commercializing their designs, is something of which we know little examples. It is only recently that such a new and efficient approach to product development is made possible thanks to the rapid evolvement of 3D software, 3D printing and not to forget the internet. The selection of designers that we have made and who will have to make this adventure successful, has proven to contain real Talents.

These are young people who have fresh ideas and create new form archetypes, helped by their superior Computer Aided Design skills. In the future I want to find more ways in which FOC can further educate the Talents about 3D Printing design rules, since I think the promise of 3D Printing to society is huge, but can only be realized if there are enough designers who know how to fully utilize its potential.'

Some of the popular Talents Q1 design which are now for sale:

Two months ago the first Talent designs (rings) have been launched and so far we see a steady rise in sales and also in interest from the press. Some Talents organize their own promotion, like an exhibition during the Milan designweek (Studio Mango), a book publication (Josien Pieters) and their own photoshoots.

2010-Q1: Wedding Ring Designs

Also the first marriage proposal has taken place with a Talent ring (Pekka Salokannel). FOC sees these developments with much joy and wants to support the Talents in their promotion as much as they can. For those who would like to know what the press has to say about some of the FOC Talents, follow these links on Trendhunter, Mocoloco, Designaddict, Ozon, Ixiqi and Designspotter.

2010-Q2: Blackberry Case Designs

Even before launching the Winners for the second Talents competition it has already created a lot of publicity. The preview of blackberry case designs has been featured on gadget website Gizmodo, design website MocoLoco, interior design website Unplggd, phone website Recombu, design trends website Trendhunter and Dutch news site NU.NL.

Furthermore the Talent designs have been featured on Business Insider a business blog, design websites IXPLORA.