3D is everywhere - now also in washing powders. Procter and Gamble revealed a Ariel washing detergent with 3D actives during the launch event in Dubai June. P&G spent 5 years developing this product and according to them, the technical aspects of this product make it clean deeply through multiple layers fabric. For the launch event, P&G invited key companies from the field of 3D in order to create coherence for the launch of their 3D product.

Muse from Amsterdam created spectacular 3D mappings on buildings during the launch event in Dubai.

Janne Kyttanen designed custom gifts for all participants at the event, representing the Ariel logo blending with the highest tower in the world, Burj Khalifa Dubai.

June Ambrose was one of the celebrities invited to the launch event, in the picture below she's showing of her brand new 3D printed iPhone case.