FOC creates 3D characters for a new show on BBC called "Bang goes the theory". The FOC part starts after 2 minutes.

About the show:

It is, says presenter Dallas Campbell, a show for "anyone who is remotely curious about life, the Universe and pretty much everything."

Now that's a pretty broad scope, but what Bang Goes The Theory aims to do is look at how science shapes the world around us, in an engaging and relevant way. It's about making science fascinating - and fun.

The show's presenters will travel the world looking at the scientific breakthroughs that affect us, whether they're in cosmology, zoology, medicine or any other field. And then they'll be back at base - a disused supersonic wind tunnel, turned high-tech science set by the people behind Dr Who - to show science in action.

But Bang Goes The Theory is not just concerned with, well, theory. It will test, stretch, explain and experiment. If something has to go BOOM, so be it. Astrophysicist Dr Stephen Serjeant, a lead academic on the series, says he's been "amazed to see the extremes the presenters are willing to go to" to show science in the raw.

And trust us, spectacular doesn't mean suspect. Clever people from The Open University's science faculty have been making sure the show's experiments and exploits are scientifically valid.