Freedom Of Creation supported UK based design company Cohda with its innovative Binary Furniture Collection. The binary table is the first result of an interactive project that expands the principles of the 60’s engineering toy ‘Spirograph’ into 3-dimensional objects. FOC 3D printed the first table in the series, designed by Cohda Founder Richard Liddle.

Launched as live event at the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art in the UK, the public was encouraged to create their own digital furniture by drawing directly into Cohda’s Binary desk via a Wacom tablet. A newly developed programme tracked the speed and pressure of the pen then extruded the spirals into a third dimension determining the surface configuration, structure and leg height.

In addition to an image of individual designs (which the creator could download from, the programme also stored the unique CAD data files ready for 3D Printing. This gave users the option to either take ownership of the image and 3D product file, or to print a version of their creation through Cohda and FOC.