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Pinup is a sexy and classy female style, inspired by the iconic imagery of mid-20th century models that men “pinned-up” their wall. In this assignment FOC Talents are challenged to design the dream product for Pinups (deadline: September 1st).

We will collaborate with media partner “The Pin Up Magazine” in order to get valuable insights into Pinup wishes and to select and promote the most desirable designs:

  1. Inspire (July + August): The Pin Up Magazine will ask their 30K+ Facebook followers to share what would be their dream product. This can serve as inspiration when creating your product designs
  2. Select (September): Through a Facebook poll Pinup followers can select which of your submitted designs they would like to see commercialized. FOC will do a preselection and checks if each design meets the brief
  3. Promote (From December): Selected designs will be sold through the FOC distribution channels and will feature in an extensive marketing campaign, including multiple full page print ads in the Pin Up Magazine combined with an online blast



There are no product category limitations, it is key that the designs appeals to the Pinup target group. Before September 1st 2012, designers that are part of the FOC Talents program can e-mail to [email protected]:

• The 3D-file of their design(s) in STL format
• 2 renderings of the design in Jpeg format
• A short description explaining the idea behind the design

Up till mid August you can consult the FOC designers and have them comment on your concepts.

• 1st prize: the winner will receive 250,- euro in prize money

• 1st & Runners up: the selected entries will be commercialized and these Talents will receive 5% royalties and a free 3D printed copy of their design

Technical requirements
• Design should be producible in either:

a. (Dyed) Laser Sintered Nylon
b. Zcorp multi-color material. Zcorp prints are more brittle than Nylon and have a rougher feel. Also you need to apply texture maps to the 3D model, so make sure you first read up on the design rules here and here
• Product should fit within a 20 x 15 x 10 cm bounding box.

• The Nylon and multi-color price are roughly similar. The part price is partly based on the bounding box and partly on the sintered material volume

Example of a Zcorp print