Together with electronics accessory company 'Freshfiber', FOC has created the second design brief for FOC Talents. In FOC Talents assignment 2010-Q2 the 20 pre-selected Talents are challenged to design a CASE for the Blackberry Bold 9700. Freshfiber wants to bring art and fashion to electronics and is also an official Apple supplier, with successful iPhone cases in their collection. If the Talents' entry match Freshfibers' conditions, this product will be added to the Freshfiber collection and commercialized through its global distribution channels.

General Info

Submission deadline: June 1st 2010
Jury:  Janne Kyttanen (FOC), Jurjen Rolf (Freshfiber) and third jury member still to be announced
Announcement of winning Talent: June 22nd 2010 on the FOC & Freshfiber website

-First prize: Official press release and 250 euro in prize money.
-All entries that match the conditions of Freshfiber (sent by e-mail) will be presented on the Freshfiber website. They can be taken into commercial production under the Freshfiber label, online and through its retail channels.  The name of the Talent will be incorporated in the case and will be subject to the Freshfiber designer royalty program.

Blackberry Bold, an introduction by Freshfiber

Mobile phones have entered our lives roughly 20 years ago and are now ubiquitous in our world. It is first and foremost a communication device, but often unknowingly plays a large role in our daily lives because it is always in our personal space. Not only do we hear it, we talk to it, we feel it vibrating, we watch its screen, we poke at it and show it off to friends. It goes through our fingers more often than our wallets.

The Blackberry has traditionally been popular with business people. However it has recently picked up a lot of interest from a younger audience because of its 'Ping' functionality; sending free messages containing texts, photo's, movies or speech amongst Blackberry users. These 'Ping' messages make use of the mobile internet network of Blackberry and are a fast and handy alternative to SMS or e-mail.
'Ping' enables friends to share messages with each other in a very fast way: a 'ping!' sound indicates an incoming message and can be responded to immediately. While there are so many uses for the Blackberry, the cases that are available for it focus only on protecting your phone.


Each Talent* is challenged to design a CASE for the Blackberry Bold 9700, which:
1.  makes its, use easier, more fun, or have more impact, while sharing messages and having discussions with contacts, in particular when 'pinging'
2.  makes the Blackberry Bold more appealing to a young audience
3.  which protects the Blackberry from small impact as well as providing extra grip when holding the phone

In the design proposal, attention should be given to one or more specific user scenarios that are enabled by the Blackberry Bold Smartphone, given its communication with Ping and the future role of such messaging in our daily lives. Also the case should not break or deform when used or dropped by the user.
Together with the design, you should write a short text accompanied with visuals to show your research and final conclusions (in pdf-format). In the design (explanation) it should be clear that 3D Printing is the only way to realize the design.

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*Only submissions from pre-selected FOC Talents will be reviewed for this design brief! In exceptional cases FOC will invite additional Talents to the network. If you are an exceptional designer with advanced CAD skills and 3D Printing experience, you can apply by sending your portfolio to [email protected]


E-mail the following to [email protected] before June 1st 2010 at 11:59pm CET

- 3D Printable file (SLS PA-11) of the case design in .STL format
- PDF-file which clearly explains the idea behind your design
- 2 renderings in different angles, according to provided render set-up (at least 1000 px wide)

The case itself (without phone) should not break or deform when dropped from shoulder height. Final color will be defined by Freshfiber, but Talents are free to propose any color that they like.

About FOC Talents

FOC envisions a future of digital and decentralized manufacturing. FOC Talents is the first step in also decentralizing FOC's product development, further utilizing the digital background of 3D printing and expanding internet accessibility. FOC Talents is a global online network of talented, young and pre-selected designers that send in Computer Aided Designs every quarter, based on a prior given design brief. All Talents' designs that match the design brief are produced and commercialized by FOC or one of its partners. The digital nature of 3D Printed product development allows FOC to cooperate with the most promising 3D designers on the planet, who only require a computer and internet access to participate. FOC believes that the young, digital and international background of the Talents' will result in successful new products that represent cultural diversity and the future archetypes for digitally created shapes.