After two successful Talent competitions in which the Talents were asked to design a new wedding ring concept and a case for the Blackberry, the third competition is related to the FOC lighting collection. Lighting is the most important product category of the FOC Collection. The lights have won many awards and are taken into the permanent collection of the Vitra design museum, MAD New York and Design Museum Holon. Successful light designs include the Dahlia, 1597 and Palm series, all designed by Janne Kyttanen. These designs are inspired by phenomena in nature and therefore have an organic feel compared to the more recent Riot and Filament series.

From our clients we notice that there is strong demand for a new hanging light that is in line with the organic series mentioned above. Demand for a new hanging light is strongest, because the Collection portfolio at the moment only includes one hanging light model: 'Palm'.


We hope the Talents realize that this is the most challenging assignment so far. To get a proper overview of the FOC lighting portfolio take a look here and here.

The light we will ask you to design has a G9 fitting that can fit one 40 Watt Halogen bulb. Since the light output is relatively low, it is more a decorative light than a functional light. In the Talent area you will find a 3D file of the light fitting, halogen bulb and cable. We ask the Talents to design the SHADE around the bulb.

Below you can find a summary of the design criteria:

1. The maximum production bounding box volume of the light is 4000 cm3. So: length (cm) x width (cm) x height (cm) = Max. 4000. The amount of material is not important, only the virtual square surrounding box matters (for example: 20 x 20 x 10cm or 40 x 10 x 10cm)
2The minimal distance between the shade and the bulb is 3cm, in order to prevent heat problems. Also the shade should have openings (especially on top) to allow for ventilation.
3.Design should have a strong unique identity, but should also be coherent with the other FOC lights
4.Design should be original and not resemble any other light currently on the market
5. It should be clear that 3D-Printing is the only way to manufacture the design
6. Object should be 3D-printable in white, SLS Polyamide-12 (see tutorial in Talent area)

Preference for designs that:
7.Utilize the semi-translucency of SLS Polyamide
8. Utilize the cast shadows and diffused shadows that the light source generates
9. Minimize chances of looking directly into the light bulb  
10. Can be easily scaled up, without losing visual appeal
11. Have the potential to be turned into a complete lighting series, including a sconce and table light
12. Can be efficiently produced, by making them stackable (Riot light shades) or by making them flexible (Filament light shade)

E-mail the following to [email protected] before September 1st 2010 at 11:59pm CET:
- 3D-file of your design in STL-format
-PDF-file explaining the concept
-2 renderings according to render set-up (at least 1000 px wide), downloadable from the Talent area

General info
Submission deadline: September 1st 2010
Announcement of winning Talent: September 22nd 2010
Jury: Janne Kyttanen (FOC), Saskia Bakker (Owner of Interior store 'Edha Interieur') and third jury member still to be announced.
First Prize: The winning design will be added to the FOC Collection and the designer will receive a 3D-Printed 'copy' of his/her design*.

*In this assignment we will only commercialize and award design(s) that are mind-blowingly beautiful, since anything less will only harm the FOC Collection brand image. Royalty percentage for designs that are added to the FOC Collection is 5%.

*Only submissions from pre-selected FOC Talents will be reviewed for this design brief! In exceptional cases FOC will invite additional Talents to the network. If you are an exceptional designer with advanced CAD skills and 3D Printing experience, you can apply by sending your portfolio to [email protected]

About the FOC Collection
FOC Collection lights are trendsetters in the new era of digitally generated consumer products. These products are much more than stunning beauties. They are also models for localized manufacturing and distribution logistics, where no stock, no assembly, minimal transportation, environmentally friendliness and just-in-time production are the future goals. All FOC Collection designs use the latest manufacturing techniques, which enable the direct manufacturing of products via 3D Software and they push the envelope of innovation to its limits.