We kick off 2011 with a great new Talents assignment. Karim Rashid, known for his fast forward designs, is co-creator of this assignment and will take part in the jury. This time the Talents are challenged to design a bracelet that will be manufactured in new Grey SLS Nylon. New addition is the possibility for Talents to receive feedback halfway from the FOC design team on their progress.

Below some examples of bracelets that are made from SLS Nylon. Clockwise, starting from the left top: Ted Noten - ‘Pig bracelet’, Lionel Dean - ‘Super Kitsch’, Nervous System – ‘Pinch bracelet’, Peggy Bannenberg

The design of the bracelet should showcase the spirit of Karim Rashid:
"Now design is not about solving problems, but about a rigorous beautification of our built environments. Design is about the betterment of our lives poetically, aesthetically, experientially, sensorially, and emotionally. My real desire is to see people live in the modus of our time, to participate in the contemporary world, and to release themselves from nostalgia, antiquated traditions, old rituals and the meaningless. We should be conscious and attune with this world in this moment. If human nature is to live in the past - to change the world is to change human nature."

Koncord, a series of high stools designed by Karim Rashid

We provide the Talents with a base file of a bracelet shape, using this is optional but encouraged. The example shape has been tested and works well in Nylon (get it from the Talents Area).

Below you can find a summary of the design criteria:

1. The height of the bracelet cannot be more than 2,7 centimeter, so that it is suited for mailbox postage
2. The maximum production bounding box volume of the bracelet is 270 cm3. So: length (cm) x width (cm) x height (cm) = Max. 270
3. The design should be new, e.g. not currently on the market
4. It should be clear that 3D-Printing is the best way to manufacture the design
5. Object should be 3D-printable in Selective Laser Sintered Polyamide-12 (see recently updated tutorial in Talent area)

Deliverables feedback moment (optional)
• Before February 1st send an explanation of your ideas, preferably with sketches or screenshots
• Within 7 days FOC will advise on which direction to pursue

Deliverables final
E-mail the following to [email protected] before March 1st 2011 at 11:59pm CET:
• 3D-file of your design in STL-format
• PDF-file explaining the concept
• 2 renderings of the design

General info
Feedback moment deadline: February 1st 2011
Submission deadline: March 1st 2011*
Announcement of winning Talent: April 4th 2011

Jury: Janne Kyttanen (FOC), Karim Rashid studio and third jury member still to be announced
First Prize: The winning design will be commercialized by FOC and the designer 250,- euro in prize money
1st & Runners up: the best entries will be sold in the FOC online store in return for 5% royalties and will receive a free 3D-Printed ‘copy’ of their design

*Only submissions from pre-selected FOC Talents will be reviewed for this design brief! In exceptional cases FOC will invite additional Talents to the network. If you are an exceptional designer with advanced CAD skills and 3D Printing experience, you can apply by sending your portfolio to [email protected]