Janne Kyttanen and Mads Thomsen have produced this Laser Sintered suggestive creation for the international ad agency Amsterdam Worldwide for its Client Onitsuka Tiger 'ASICS' premium heritage brand. The meter-long shoe called the 'Electric Light Shoe' is central to the global Electric Tiger Land campaign for 2008. Images show the Electric Light Shoe with illumination in its full length, as well as in 70 cm and 40 cm sized versions created for Onitsuka Tiger stores world-wide.

Several additional designs have been produced to support the campaign such as USB sticks, keyholders, POS material, shoe displays etc.


Capturing and re-elaborating the 'Made of Japan' concept that distinguishes 'Electric Light Shoe', the Card Tower Display, created by FOC designers, represents a functional element for the Onitsuka Tiger stores world-wide. Made with Layer Manufacturing technologies, Card Tower Display becomes a showcase for Onitsuka Tiger pamphlets and catalogues.


A metal miniaturized reproduction of FOC's 'Electric Light Shoe' becomes an appealing and original key ring.


Information technology takes on an innovative and unexpected stylishness with the USB memory shoe - a tiny replica of 'Electric Light Shoe'. Once activated, the key diffuses a soft illumination.