In collaboration with electronics accessories brand Fresh Fiber design agency Freedom Of Creation has launched an initiative to bring a new breed of iPad cases to the market, unlike anything injection molding has ever seen.

Not only are all products in this range of iPad cases produced with 3D printing, they can be customized in 3D by their owner with for example text, logo's, name's or icons, each and every product will be a one-off piece.

We're using the social funding platform Kickstarter to make this a reality, with your help, we hope to raise $20.000 to start the production of customized 3D printed design.


Freedom Of Creation has a history with 3D printing which goes back about 10 years of designing exclusively for this technology, yet they never managed to bring Customization to masses. Of course mass-customization has been in the vision of Freedom Of Creation since day one, now with the help of social funding platform Kickstarter we want to bring high quality customization of design goods to life.


A goal of $ 20,000 has been set, aiming to kickstart an online tool for customizing 3D printed design products, starting with a range of - exclusive to kickstarter - iPad cases.

Using the kickstarter platform people can support the initiative in return for some of the worlds first custom 3D printed designs products.
The breakdown of pledges is as follows:
1$ Wallpaper pack
7$ Your name in 3D print
37$ iPad Stand with your name
77$ iPad Case with your name
97$ iPad Case with your name & stand
137$ iPad Case plus leather carry bag
497$ co-designed iPad case with Freedom Of Creations' designers

So please help spread the word to your friends, spend a few bucks, and if you really love what we do, get one of those exclusive Co-Designed iPad cases.