The media attention around FOC is increasing rapidly. We finally found the time to update our website a year ago and put more attention on communication about our work in the media. Because of this change, during a year period, our website traffic has increased by over 1400%.

Good example is FOC being on the cover of the New York times last week. Eventhough it is only a daily paper, this action quickly crashed our webserver with 40 visitors per second.

Printed media is also in constant increase all around the world. Several local newspapers are talking about 3D printing and our design work, which is bringing our work evermore closer to the normal consumers rather than just being featured in high end design press. It is impossible for us to keep track of all articles, but some stand out such as the interview/cover publication of Janne Kyttanen on the Bright magazine as well as a special feature in the Wired Magazine of headphones designed by Brian Garret.