It has been a sunny and a day full of laughter here in Amsterdam. How was your April 1st? We have had thousands of Tweets, Facebook likes and several customers are already lining up to buy our Tree-D printer. So without a doubt there is a market for such a device.

Obviously we are not in the business of making a machine that 3D prints wood, however this a clear sign for any 3D printer manufacturer out-there to take on this challenge and make it happen.

We have an endless well of great 3D content, which is dying to get out of our hard drives and turn themselves into tangible wooden products. Since wood is one of the most abundant materials on earth and binding sawdust together with glue is no rocket science, combining this with our designs, would certainly create some kick-ass products.

A special thanks to MocoLoco, FastCoDesign, TreeHugger and Fabbaloo for being the first to pick up our April Fools Tree-D printing story!

Have a nice weekend all...:-)