Freshfiber was founded as a collaboration between Freedom Of Creation and two entrepeneurs, Chris Dijkhof and Jurjen Rolf in 2009. Since then we have collaborated in developing and commercializing countless 3D printed products for the consumer electronics market. At first mainly focusing on smart phones from Apple, Samsung and Blackberry. Due to the success of the cases in several high-end retail stores worldwide, Apple has now decided to launch the products at all Apple retail stores across USA and Canada. This marks a great milestone for us on pushing 3D printed designs into the mainstream retail.

The first covers, which are now available at Apple retail stores, will be gray Doublemesh and Weave, Designed by Janne Kyttanen

Eventhough having Freshfiber cases available at all Apple stores is a great milestone for us, this does not leave us idle. We have been quietly working on the next steps already for several years by creating applications where the benefits of 3D printing can be used to its fullest extent.

We have created a number of limited edition products for our B2B clients. Such special features can include adding corporate logos, personalized cases for the individuals or even creating one off cases with birthday messages etc. Shown in images above and below here is an example of exciting things to come where the Double Cap cases, designed by Janne Kyttanen, were created for one of Freshfiber's business clients.