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This years Milan Design Week was a great success for Freedom Of Creation. Design lovers from all around the world came to see the numerous new items that were shown including the new 'Lightnest', designed by Frederik Roijé.  We want to thank everyone who came to visit us. Below an impression of the exhibition and the new Lightnest:



Lightnest” comes from the “lampshades nesting together into the wall,” explains the designer Frederik Roijé. The design is totally inspired by the beauty of nature and its unique shapes. The wall lamp shape brings to mind a group of soft mushrooms spreading light that gently illuminate every space in an exceptional way. The technique of 3D printing, which allows designers to create shapes impossible to be thought, has made possible the realization of details never seen before, such as small pleats reminiscent of the hyphae of mushrooms. Fluid and welcoming, Lightnest is a celebration of the nature elements: it attracts for the evocative design and for the warm atmosphere that it creates.



Lightnest is now available through Freedom Of Creation dealers or if there is no dealer near you; online.